Grants Benefits

Listing Support

Grant projects will receive listing support on ONUS platform and our partner exchanges.


Projects can have crowdfunding support through ONUS (ranging from $50,000 - $500,000) and other launchpad platforms on ONUS Chain, including OnGate.

Liquidity Support

With the ONUS Grants program, projects will get liquidity support up to 80% from the $20M ONUS Launcher fund.

Funding Package

Project recipients can access funding packages from ONUS Foundation, ranging from $5,000 to $50,000, depending on our due diligence on the project.

Fundraising Support and VC Connection

Projects with upcoming fundraising rounds may be considered for investment from ONUS Launcher and linked with our venture capital partners for potential financial support.

Marketing Support

Projects which are given grants may obtain marketing assistance across various social media platforms and communities of more than 3.5 million members.

ONUS Launcher

Launchpad investment fund for Blockchain projects

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Grantee Requirements

Early-stage or multi-chain projects are eligible for the ONUS Grants program.

Projects are able to go live at the same time as ONUS Chain Mainnet.

Projects must have the intention to raise further funds and establish a legal entity at one point.

Diverse projects are welcome to apply, but the following categories will be given priority:

AMM/DEX, Lending/Borrowing, Structured Finance, Yield Aggregators, Derivatives, Liquid Staking, etc.

Process Overview


Use the form below to submit your application for the ONUS Chain Grants program. In order for us to decide whether to accept or reject your grant request, please fill out the application as completely and accurately as you can.

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